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A July Message – You Chose – Now Choose

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Have you listened to the July Reality Shift in the series called The Twelve?

Someone asked us recently what the story that Twylah Nitsche told Del meant that he talks about in the July Reality Shift.

It got me to thinking and here is the result. Let me know what YOU think ..

You know that saying, “Many are called, few have chosen”. Actually, it should read this way, “Everyone is called, few chose.”

In the July Reality Shift Del tells a story of the six year old Native American girl sent away to school. Her grandparents told her she chose it.

Were they telling her it was pre-destination?

No, that would mean that there was a God who wrote out and designed our earth history. God knows nothing about our earth history, or earth story.

What they meant was – you chose, so choose it now, because if you “own” that you chose it, you have are able to shift it.

Chose – meaning believed, perceived it to be true.

Yes, it was her culture that believed it, but because she was there too, it was also her choice, and in knowing that she retained the power of choice and change.

Sometimes perceptions are clearly our own personal ones. Sometimes they are the worldview perception that we have agreed to.

However, it is our perception that has us in whatever place we are right now. All of us.

There are no favorites or outs. However, there is also no judgment, for others or ourselves. Because judgment would more firmly ground us into the belief system that is now – not creating an event – but is hiding the Truth of God from us.

As we chose to accept that what we are living (in the world and at home) as our own perception, that we have chosen to retain either by unawareness or unwillingness, we take back all the power that previously has belonged to a liar, evil, DWAB, the devil – that only exists because, yes – we perceive it to be true and have not faced and replaced it with Truth.

Can we keep this story going for many human life times? Of course, we could and do, which really answers the question about karma and reincarnation, doesn’t it.

However, it is still our missed perception that is going on, not the Truth of being.

Yes, we chose the life we are living today whether it is good or bad in human terms. However, what we are about is letting go of that illusion and perceiving as God perceives. This will, has to, does – adjust what appears as our human situation just as the dawn lights up the landscape.

Beca Lewis

Until we ascend out of this illusion completely (in whatever “lifetime” this happens), we must deal with what appears as human events and make decisions with our currently highest awareness of what is right to do, and not be bogged down into asking why is this happening.

That’s the power of the story. They taught her to choose and to hold onto Truth and them as a support. She had all the power, not the situation.

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Jet August 4, 2011, 9:54 am

This is about the third time I’ve come back to and read this ezine. It has so much information packed into every line that I’ve had to take what I get with each visit. No doubt I’ll be back for more in a day or two!
Thank you for this, Beca, ALL of it!

admin August 4, 2011, 2:22 pm

Thank you Jet, for the mirror and the wisdom you supply to anyone willing to listen!