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Do The Work And Receive To Give

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It is not what we do, but also what we do not do, for which we are accountable. –Moliere

In our Shift Insider’s meeting this month, we discussed how much resistance there often is to doing the work necessary to share our unique expression.

There’s another side to this though. It’s about expecting to receive from that work. These two ideas go hand in hand.

I thought you might all enjoy my follow up to our discussion, and perhaps have a comment or two to add.

Open your thought so you will be a receiver, this is this preparation for giving. Mary Baker Eddy

Receive so we can give?

This is not something most of us have learned how to do. As a result, there are many people suffering under a false belief system when there is no need for it.

I should probably clarify this. I mean those love-minded folks that feel that sharing and helping others is the main component of their life work.

I am well aware that some people think this kind of person is in the minority, however, I don’t believe that is true.

I think a majority of the people of the world want to do the right thing. They feel the urge to live and share their unique gift in whatever form feels right to them – none better than another, but all needed.

However, sometimes they give up on it because either they resist the work, and/or it doesn’t seem to supply them with what they need to live, and then survival mode kicks in.

Every symbol of nature tells us that we do the work and receive in balance in order to fully live our lives. A tree has to grow; a flower has to bloom. They do the work that is required to grow and bloom, because that is their calling and their true nature.

However, the tree and flower receive air, sun, food etc. in order to fulfill their calling and fully express their being, which in turn gives countless necessary gifts to the world.

In the belief that we are humans, we seem to have forgotten this need to do the work and to receive in order to give, not because it is our right but because it is the balance of nature.

There are too many people not standing on solid economic ground because of they have not learned how to do, or are afraid to do, or given the tools to do, the work necessary to share their gift, and that it is a necessity to receive in order to give.

We can’t agree with a belief of any kind that supports the idea that it is okay for some people to remain poor due to religious, cultural, or political beliefs.

Sometimes we act out of the desire to be a good human without remaining balanced in the receiving and giving department.

Here is an important thing to remember; we aren’t good humans, because we aren’t human. Listen to The Reality Shift called Right Identity to learn more about this idea.

(If you are not a member of Perception U – you can find this talk here.)

Plants and trees die without receiving what they need. We also die in spirit and in ability to expand when we don’t receive.

Now – I am not saying that we have to charge for everything we do, but we do need to learn how to ask and expect fair return as part of the circle of life. Otherwise, our gifts wither away.

We know that the return may not come from where we give – it can come from somewhere else, but we can expect to receive because we are sharing our unique gift with others.

There is plenty of money available for all. Many people, and organizations, who say they don’t have enough, mean only that they have a different idea of where they want to spend their money.

We are now fully aware that there are those who have perverted and inverted this idea of receiving and giving and only receive, or more accurately – take.

It’s time for this idea of greed to be dissolved forever. This will occur as we learn how to do the work of sharing our spiritual gift and are willing to both receive and give. This will change everything.

Beca Lewis

The Bible says Seek and Ask. Don’t be afraid to Seek and Ask to receive, because the more you receive the more you can give. And in this process we begin to experience the fact that we are One, and what we do, or not do, blesses or harms us all.

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Jet August 5, 2011, 3:29 pm

What a great essay, Beca! Beautifully sums up what we were talking about in Insiders, and addresses many concerns and questions that are being asked out in the world every day! Thank you for this!

admin August 7, 2011, 7:23 pm

Thank you so much Jet!

Michal McKeown August 30, 2011, 8:36 am

Thanks Beca and Del. I found so much good in your article and in the description of corresponding badger qualities. Growing!