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Fall’s In The Air

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When I was in school, I looked forward to this time of year. My summer had been filled with bike riding, solitary hikes, reading books, and lying in the grass looking at the sky.

As the air changed, and the trees threw different shadows I knew it was time to settle back into a routine, head back to school and learn something new.

Here are a few things you could do here at Perception U, if you are feeling that yearning to learn something new.

You could take Kathy Piper’s Visible As Myself class that begins on September 1st and runs for 5 Thursdays. This is the class where you can learn about your specific style of learning, and making decisions, all wrapped up in Shift principles.

This would come in handy for designing any part of your life that could use a fall freshen up.

Only 5 people can join this class so hustle to register if you are interested.

Have you seen the Sharing Ideas page in Perception U. Even if you have heard Steven Jobs commencement speech before, this is a perfect time to listen again!

Did you enter the Win The Free Kindle drawing? Click here to find out who won, and how it all came about!

That should keep you busy these last few days of August!

Beca Lewis

Have a wonderful Labor Day … and hugs to all of you who weathered the storm, and supported it’s down grading!

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