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September’s Update

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Have you ever wondered how those “magic” number things work that you get in emails every once in awhile? Then you might want to listen to the September Reality Shift!

Discover why the number 9 is called the “magic number,” what the animal is for the month in the Seneca tradition, and much more.

Listen To September’s Reality Shift

Listen to all the months here, or download them here.

This month Del and I are getting ready for our bi-annual Shift retreat called The Twelfth Gathering. If this is something you might be interested in attending be sure to check it out soon, because we close the registration on September 11. Click here learn more.

If you are interested, but have questions, feel free to email me at shift @ or leave me a message at 330 871 7510 and I’ll call you back to talk about it! Don’t wait until the last minute, there are lots of preparations going on that you will want to participate in!

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