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May Dancing

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You cannot depend on your eyes when your imagination is out of focus. – Mark Twain

In almost every culture, there is a May Day celebration of some kind.

One of my favorite memories is of being the May Day Queen as 5 year old. I was shy but delighted!

The Maypole Dance is one of my favorite parts of a May Day Celebration. The first time I experience it was during that May Day event as a little girl.

I loved it so much we did a May Day Pole for my daughter’s birthday when she was a little girl.

I kept those ribbons and used them again for a May Day dance with a group of women who had celebrated May with a sleep over at my house.

The next morning, before they all left, we danced in our pajamas around the May Pole. I know I will never forget that one either!

During a Maypole dance everyone works together to twist the ribbons around the pole, making a beautiful interrelated design. One person ducks while the other person lifts the ribbon.

It takes concentration and awareness of your dancing neighbor and with each pass around the pole, the design gets more and more beautiful.

It’s all about joy, connection, harmony, creation, and teamwork.

Whether we get to physically dance around a May Pole or not we can still do that same kind dance together in life.

Each of us represents a unique gift and when we dance together, it produces a beautiful result, that can only be created by doing it as One.

Enjoy your May!

With Love!



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