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Plug In – In November

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Connect To The DivineDo you plug yourself in enough?

Electronic gadgets know better than we do about plugging in when needed.

When my kindle gets low, it tells me. If I ignore the message, it gives me a suggestion; take yourself off line if you insist on reading without recharging.

Okay, it doesn’t actually say it that way, but hey, that’s the message that comes through.

Eventually I know I will have to stop reading. I will have to plug it in so it can connect with its power source. I love that it gives me a choice. It’s not a choice whether to do it or not, because if I want it to work, it must connect with its power source; but a choice to do it when the timing works best for me.

My iPhone, Samsung tablet, and laptop computer alert me too. They tell me in a variety of ways that it is time to plug in. I know that for them to work, they have to connect with their power source.

The body we use to experience the world alerts us too when it is time for us to plug into our power source. Perhaps we would pay more attention if a message popped up in front of our face the same way it does on our electronic devices, because then we have to do something to get that message to go away.

Otherwise, we can just ignore the many low-on-power warnings, because we somehow keep on moving long after the need to connect has arisen!

Plugging ourselves into our source is as necessary as plugging in our electronic equipment. No, I’m wrong. It is even more important, because not only does connecting repower us, but also provides guidance.

We are alerted to this need in a variety of ways. When we ignore the simple still-small-voice alert, we get warnings that are more urgent.

It could look like events not going well, moodiness of all kinds, sleeping too much, not being able to sleep, not being interested in anything, feeling overwhelmed – all alerts that it is time to plug in.

Instead of waiting for the warnings, wouldn’t it make more sense to make it a habit to plug in at least once a day – in our own timing of course!

Sure, the worldview says we have too much to do to stop and plugin to God. It lies. It wants us to run down and be too tired and drained of divine power to resist its manipulations.

The yuckiness of being low on power is one reason to plugin, but there is a much better one. It feels great, no, much better than great!

It is in that connection time that, for me, multitudes of Angel ideas often appear – including this idea for this blog and this Shift Ezine. That’s not surprising, since during that connection time we plug in directly into the Infinite All!

Take at least 30 minutes each day and do whatever form of meditation works for you. Be quiet, be still, listen, expand, recharge, connect with the divine Good that is you, and is Big R Reality.

Don’t wait for the warning signs, but heed them quickly when they appear.

Hey – you could even use one of those cool pieces of equipment to alert you that it is plug in – get connected – time. I have an alert set that makes such a ridiculous noise that I can’t ignore it.

Well, I could, but I am working on immediately paying attention to the call to plug in.

Let’s plug in – get connected – and experience being the action of the Divine, instead a puppet of the worldview.

I hear an alert – I am off to plug in!

I love being connected to all of you,


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Jet November 1, 2012, 7:37 am

Love this! I have an alarm on my phone that goes off at 8 am every morning – the message says “Gratitude!”

Beca Lewis November 1, 2012, 7:44 am

And I have one too – that goes off at 8 so that I am joining you every morning. Today Del was there when it went off (I am painting his office) so he said he was grateful for LIFE! Me too!

Barbara November 1, 2012, 11:42 am

Great reminders for reminders! Connection is and has been important… why does it feel so illusive? Time for connection?
Made number of phone calls yesterday, each with no answer, but I left messages. Then I was able to have short conversations with loved ones, felt more connected. Maybe this alarm setting for gratitude is a good next step for me to not only get more familiar with new phone (still quite challenging!), as well as giving me specific point in time for POL with gratitude! Thank you!

Beca Lewis November 1, 2012, 3:20 pm

You are welcome Barbara!