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Life Dancers – In December

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I was in a Zumba class loving the joy of movement, and as always, trying not to look at what everyone else was doing.

Otherwise, I would be noticing the young athletic woman behind me turning her feet in, everyone whose knees were not placed properly, and hips not moving. I know that if not corrected, eventually it will “catch up” with them.

However, it isn’t my job in that class. I am not the teacher – I am just a participant.

It not surprising that I am constantly thinking about correct placement in movement. I have been studying it since ninth grade. Then I married Del, who is also all about correct placement and foundation, and it is often a topic of our conversation.

It’s not just movement placement that obsesses me; it is correct placement and foundation in everything.

Getting to know someone better at a business meeting recently, she couldn’t see the connection from my moving from a Masters in Dance, to a Certified Financial Planner, to The Shift®. When I said, “but, it is all the same,” it shocked her.

Yet, it is.

In that Zumba class, I had to force myself to pay attention only to myself, check my own placement, and be as good an example without saying anything, because I am no longer a dance teacher.

However, I felt gratitude that I am still in the business of correct placement and foundation, but now it is about correct placement and foundation within thought.

Now my business is about the dance of Life.

We are all dancers of Life. We are all the ideas of the master musician and choreographer dancing and singing the qualities of the Divine.

Like the mirror in the dance room, the mirror of life gives us plenty of opportunity to check our foundation and thought placement.

We can easily see whether it is placed within a material perception, or a spiritual one.

Given that, just in my Zumba class, very few people (I often wonder if anyone is) are thinking about correct placement and foundation, in our daily life we may be the only ones in our circle of acquaintances who interested in correct placement and foundation, and that can often be a distraction.

However, we know that we must always place our thought within the foundation of perfection, with the acceptance – whether we believe it, understand it, or not – that the stories (even the cool ones) that begin in materiality are always an incorrect placement.

Yes, we often notice others with incorrect placement, and yes, we may see that continuing down that path will eventually not be pleasant, but correct placement within ourselves is all that is required, which includes how we see those “others”.

In this case, turning our internal eyes back to perfection, and being as good example as possible, we shift the world because we eliminate what isn’t true (like a sculpture) and reveal what is – including the idea that there are “others”.

Correct Thought placement – it’s what we, in this community, do.

In this month we rejoice, that a great teacher, named Christ Jesus, with perfect form and awareness of perfect substance, came and stood in front of us, and said, “Follow thou me.”

I once had a dance company called Harbinger Dance Theatre. This week, watching in the mirror, and being grateful for The Shift® community, I realized that the dance company is still active, with all of you as the dancers.

We all act as the harbingers of the Truth that Life is spiritual, eternal, and perfect.

In this month, in particular, I celebrate that we all are dancing together following that perfect teacher. There is no greater gift and I thank you for it!


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2 comments… add one
  • Fay Christie December 3, 2012, 4:48 am

    So very grateful to be part of this “dance of life” Beca and that I can enjoy all the other dancers in this joy-filled activity. Bless you!

  • theshift December 3, 2012, 6:25 am

    @Fay Christie Thank you Fay – LOVE seeing you here!

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