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Nothing To Prove, Everything To Gain

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daffodilumbrellaOn one of my favorite design shows, participants are given a task in which they have many things to overcome in order to creatively complete it. On a recent episode, one of the participants gave himself an additional problem to solve.

He decided he would do the whole thing without taking the additional help available to each participant.

There was not an extra bonus for making things harder for himself. There was no high-five from the judges. There was no extra respect given to him. He gained nothing from it, and in fact, he was unable to complete his room because of his decision.

Even at the end, when he was eliminated and said, “Yes, but I did it without the extra help,” the judges’ answer was, “Why?”

Since this is May, and beautiful spring flowers are popping up everywhere, I wondered if nature would do such a silly thing – refuse the rain perhaps. Perhaps a daffodil would pop open an umbrella, hold it over its head, and proudly proclaim, “I can grow all by myself.”

Of course, this is silly, daffodils don’t have umbrellas, nor do I think they take credit for their growth. They exist as the action and beautiful expression of the Divine.

However, we make it harder for ourselves all the time. My mom would tell you that when I was a teenager, I would often say (in quite a huffy tone of voice), “I can do it myself!”

At the time, I was trying to declare my independence and find myself, and that seemed like the only way to do it. Isn’t this what many of us said when we were young? However, now we are wiser. Now we know that not accepting help, making things harder on ourselves on purpose, is a habit we should be outgrowing.

It is not only a terrible habit; it is an affront to those who are standing by to be of service. The man in the design show did not win any friends over his choice. Everyone was bewildered by his choice, not inspired.

How many times have you found yourself not able to do something, and instead of asking, or searching for help, have wasted minutes, hours, or even days trying to do it yourself, on your own? Like the man in the design show, are you even able to complete your task under these conditions?

Imagine an infinite army of helpers and an infinitely massive warehouse full of supplies standing by waiting for a signal from you to be able to come forward and be of service. How long must they wait?

May is the month of Hearing The Truth, and harmony. (Listen to recording below for more about this.)

The symbols of help given to every aspect of creation, are given to be used in harmony. Every particle of our bodies is an example of harmony in action. One piece is always helping another.

The entire system of universes are a symbol of harmony in action, each piece fitting perfectly together and none able to exist alone.

Each of us yearns to be appreciated and known for our unique expression Doesn’t it feel amazing when someone recognizes the gift you bring into Life, and asks you to use your gift in some way to help them?

When we are struggling to overcome a situation, there is no reason to add another struggle to it in order to prove something to ourselves. Let’s not raise an umbrella against the flood tide of Love that flows to us. Let’s open ourselves up to it instead and drop off anything that attempts to keep us in the habit of making it harder on ourselves.

Look around, and see all that provision at your beck and call. Look around, and notice how you are the provision for others. Offering, giving, asking, and receiving are all part of the harmonious round of action that we call Love.

This is the perfect month to notice how every person, place, and thing is a symbol of God’s provision. For heavens’ sake – literally – let go and receive it. Settle into the harmonious expression of the simple, elegant, beautiful way of Life and Its infinite assistance, and thrive!


Listen to this recording to hear more about the harmony, and power, of May:

Here’s a Truth 4 Today to expand this idea: As the reflection and idea of infinite Mind, we can say, “All that I need, I Am.”


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JetTucker May 1, 2013, 6:08 am

This is so perfect to hear right now!  I was having a discussion with someone about being Superwoman (not me, not anymore, but definitely in my past life!)  We were talking about how we wouldn’t slice our capes, or clip our wings, but we would certainly hold each other up in Kindness and Support, and whatever help is needed!  I am sending this ezine to her!

theshift May 1, 2013, 6:17 am

JetTucker Thanks for sharing this Jet!  Yes, I have to keep checking to see if I am giving myself extra work, just to prove I can!  In an exercise class recently, a new person asked me about what size weight to use.  I told her, don’t be a hero, use light ones.  As soon as I heard myself say, “Don’t be a hero” it prompted the thinking about what is a hero .. certainly not someone who has to prove their worth.  Something we are all learning!

calebpirtle May 2, 2013, 7:40 am

My problem is probably similar to a lot of folks. I am happy to go out of my way to help anyone do anything, but I hesitate to ask anyone to help me. I guess it’s old independence and self-reliance I learned from my father. My wife says I rob other people of the pleasure of helping me.

theshift May 2, 2013, 9:03 am

calebpirtle I know that feeling Caleb, and I agree with your wife!  Besides you do so much for others, if would be great if we could all do that for you!

Jamie May 4, 2013, 12:02 am

I think we all want to help others. Perhaps if we can see that the best way for us to be able to do that effectively is to make sure that we receive all of the help that we need first.  We must ask and know that we will receive. It’s like they tell us on the airplanes. If the oxygen masks need to be worn, make sure you put yours on first, in order that you may assist others properly!

theshift May 4, 2013, 4:56 am

@Jamie So true Jamie!  Thank you!

CarsonCanada May 5, 2013, 12:35 am

It’s a difficult habit to overcome. I remember years ago making the statement in a conversation with a friend, “Of what value is it if it isn’t hard?” He walked up next to me, leaned into my shoulder, while he tried not to laugh and said, “I’d think about that one if I were you.” It took a few moments before I could laugh, and then we both had a grand laugh together.

theshift May 5, 2013, 4:06 am

CarsonCanada How perfect is that!  A grand laugh .. I love it!  Thank you Christina!