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Sunflower Supply

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sunflowersupply550September has an endearing charm about it. It brings the feelings of a fresh start. Not the same fresh start as January, but the kind where the light changes, the wind smells different, and possibilities move out into the open for examination, testing, and doing.

As September begins, there are more hummingbirds are at my feeders. It is a combination of my resident hummers building up for their trip south, and their northern cousins stopping in on their trek, which has already begun.

As I watch, I am reminded what stillness looks like in the center of movement, and that size does not determine ability, or power.

It is a time of soft preparation. It is a time for new projects to begin, and old ones to be taken up once more, and moved towards completion.

In the northeast, tree leaves have begun to lose their dark green color, the summer flowers have already bedded down in preparation for their return next year, and the fall flowers are primed for their bright colors that precede the beautiful leaf colors coming in October.

A bag of daffodils waits for me to plant them, adding to my growing spring bulb display. I am giving our future selves a gift of anticipation of beauty revealed.

In the spring, I did the same thing. I prepared a gift for summer and fall beauty, and as always, the garden provided another symbol of the eternal fact of supply.

In early spring, I pre-started a dozen sunflower seeds, and once they were big enough that the squirrels wouldn’t dig them up and eat the seeds, I planted them in our front garden.

For a little while, they all grew. However, by mid-summer most of them had disappeared. Except for three plants. Two of them grew into regular sunflowers, and began blooming in August.

The other one did something entirely different. It grew, and grew, and grew so much that Del had to get out a big metal stake and tie it up. As I write this, it has grown past the roof of our one-story house, and has branched out into many sunflower heads.

Whatever factors reduced the other sunflowers to less than their fullest potential, didn’t affect this one. On the contrary, it excelled, far past the expectations stated on the package of seeds.

This sunflower is preparing to be a massive supplier of food to a number of creatures. I see the birds already flitting by it, checking its progress in producing seeds.

It doesn’t plan it, or work hard at it, it just became the best sunflower it was designed to be, and has done an impressive job of revealing its gifts by being itself.

I want to be like that sunflower! I want us ALL to be like that sunflower.

Actually, it doesn’t matter what I want, the fact is we already are exactly like that sunflower. We are already a massive supplier to others. Every moment of our lives supplies others by simply being present.

Our available supply to others increases as we grow and expand into that awareness.

Our enjoyment of that fact increases in proportion to our willingness to let go of what we think we are, and listen instead to the guidance of the divine and act on Its direction; which in Truth, is the supplier of all things to all things, and we are simply its symbol in action.

The outcome for us, and others, will be far grander no matter what its size, more beautiful, more abundant, more graceful than we could ever plan, or carry out, ourselves.

I am imagining that this particular sunflower was very willing to represent the beauty of massive supply, and that is why I want to be like that sunflower. Join me will you? I know we will have a glorious time blooming together, because what could be easier, and more delightful, than simply being what we are designed to be.

Symbols are representations, speaking of one thing to allude to something else. Taoist Classics


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Jet Tucker September 1, 2013, 6:17 am

Wow, what a beautiful thing to read first thing on the first September morning! I want to be like that sunflower, too!

Beca Lewis September 1, 2013, 6:44 am

Thank you Jet! Yes, let’s be that together!

Christina Carson September 5, 2013, 1:11 am

“…it just became the best sunflower it was designed to be.” I like that line. Thus we see how very important it is to grasp our design.

Beca Lewis September 5, 2013, 3:50 am

Isn’t it? Listen and be moved by what calls us .. as you do Christina!