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Who Is Viewing The View?

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We were driving through a fairy tale landscape.

The night before a storm had passed through and re-designed the view. All the bare limbs on the trees had been sheathed in a layer of ice. Where the sun touched the ice locked branches, they twinkled and sparkled making every tree look as if tiny lights were strung on them.

The evergreen had retained the snow nestled within their needles, and with the sheen of ice on top; they were like beacons of light.

Winter is the season when deciduous trees stand out in all their structural beauty. They reveal themselves completely. They proudly stand bare before us as they gather strength for the next season of beauty. It will begin with buds of all shapes and sizes, move to an infinite variety of green, and end in the colorful explosion of autumn glory.

On this day, the sun was blazing through a clear blue sky, and it was this blaze of light that lit up the trees, and would, in time, release them from their ice casing. For the trees this would be a blessing, they would be able to breathe again, and stand without the extra weight.

Their ice clothing was a beautiful view from where we were standing, how the trees felt about it was probably much different.

I know people who don’t think the day is a good day if the sun is not shining brightly in a blue sky. No matter how much I might tell them that I love the gray skies of winter, with its calming and soothing manner, they are not convinced that those days of moving shades of grey are beautiful. For me, I love the feeling of comfort from those cloudy skies, and the invitation they bring to calm down and move within.

The view is in the viewer.

This truth holds for the bigger picture too. Stepping outside the illusive nature of materiality and into the substance of Spirit, we change our viewpoint. Instead of seeing others and ourselves as a package of perceptions, some we like, some we don’t, we strive to have the viewpoint of the infinite One, where everything moves and exists in harmony and beauty.

With this viewpoint of Spirit, not matter, we do not try to fix, or heal, people or situations.

Instead, we view every person, place, and thing as the outpouring of perfection. Imperfectly seen with the eyes of an educated human; perfectly seen through the viewpoint of the Divine. Within that view there is no need of healing or fixing, because when illusion of the human viewpoint vanishes, so does the outcome of that perception and the beliefs it contains.

Wouldn’t this shift of perception be just like the sun shining on the branches covered with ice? As beautiful as a human belief may be, it is still a limitation, and must be melted in order to set ourselves, and others, free.

Mary Baker Eddy said it this way, “Give up your belief of mind in matter, and have but one Mind, God, for this Mind forms its own likeness.”

We are not humans trying to become something; we have already arrived. The unique individuality that we express comes not from us, but from the viewpoint of the One called God, who looks at its creation and smiles, because all it knows and sees is perfect Love.

Divine Spirit is the viewer, and we are its view, a view that far surpasses the most beautiful fairy tale landscape. What greater gift could there be?

Perception produced through the senses makes us prisoners of materiality. We escape by choosing Spirit’s perception. – Beca Lewis, Truth 4 Today #332

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