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Turn Things Into Thoughts

With Beca Lewis

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Focus Five:God First

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Take away the struggle, take away the working hard, take away the “I have to figure it out.”

Take it all away, let it go, and let God.

This is the perfect class for you if you want a small, very private, and safe place to re-think and re-align your life with the Principles of the Infinite One called Love, or God, or Spirit, or Mind.

It would be perfect if you want a master mind that will support you no matter what, and understand and encourage your awareness of your true spiritual identity.

What Will We Be Doing?

We will be changing things to thoughts, back to their true substance, and then standing witness to the profound effect that has on what appears as our life.

We will be working directly with my book Living In Grace: The Shift to Spiritual Perception. If you don’t already own this book one will be sent to you.

Witness The Beauty Of Being.

The Premise: “Everything that is present is present as God Only.

What does that mean to you? What does that matter in your daily life?

During this intensive five weeks we will learn how and why to look through what is material and see God.

Get into the habit of looking at what appears to be things, and see what is actually present, God, Love. Quickly experience for yourself more freedom, harmony, and abundance.

What Is Focus Five?

Focus Five is a time and place where you can really listen within and focus on accomplishing your individual intent and purpose.

During the five weeks you not only have access to a community of others of like-mind, but you also have consistent support from your instructor.

Focus Five is a master mind and mentor program designed for you be heard in a safe, private, and supportive environment.

In each Focus Five Session you will learn perception shifting tools and techniques that will last your entire lifetime.

This awareness and freedom is the purpose of The Shift and the ultimate result of each Focus Five Session.

Why So Few People in Each Session?

Each of the Focus Five Sessions has only 5 people so that we can connect directly with each of you and design the sessions to meet your needs.

Within this circle of common ground, you will find the strength and awareness to easily shift your perception to the magnification of only Good. You will witness the simplicity and ease of the outcome of making that perception shift.

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Focus Five

The Premise And The Principle

1. There is only One Infinite Intelligence, and It is Love.
2. Anything that does not fit within this statement is a misunderstanding and misperception on our part.
3. There is nothing to “fix,” other than our own perception, because there is only One cause and creator.

In this session we will practice being consistently conscious of God.

Here’s What You Will Learn How To Do

  • Translate what appears as materiality back to thoughts
  • Make a habit of God First
  • See the visible secret of creation
  • Let go of false premises and perceptions
  • Experience the ease of life
  • Develop a consistent awareness of God
  • Registration Links:

    Next Session Begins:
    Meets For Five Thursdays
    (more info sent after registration)
    Time: 8:00pm EST – 9:00pm
    Place: This is a Teleclass Call
    Dates: To Be announced
    Class is limited to just 5 people

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    Your Registration Page

    Your Registration Page

    Reasons For Joining Focus Five:

    >> You are feeling stuck
    >> You are not sure about the direction of your life
    >> The worldview impacts your well being
    >> You are sometimes scared about your life
    >> You are not sure about what to do next
    >>You aren’t clear about the purpose of your life.
    >> You like simple solutions based on spiritual principles.

    Reasons For Not Joining Us

    >>Everything is going great
    >>Doing something more important those nights
    >>You are waiting for the perfect time
    >>Life is too busy
    >>Don’t like telephones

    Can’t Afford It?

    Ask yourself how much money you have spent on things that don’t work, on directions that wasted your time, your heart, and your money, and on ideas that never panned out because they were not right for you.

    After this class, if you apply it’s principles, you will reduce and eventually eliminate all those wrong
    directions, heartaches, and misspent years.

    Can you afford not to do this? We know absolutely that this system works. Give it a try, you’ll see.

    Focus Five


    What Comes With Each Session?

    >>>Weekly Personal Exclusive Sessions where you will develop friends and a support system that will last a lifetime.

    >>>Support from Beca for the five weeks that you are in the class.

    >>>Sessions recorded and posted online

    >>>A Closed Customized Private Program

    WARNING: This DOES require a commitment to really be present for yourself and the other women in the group. Wait until you feel the results though…

    If You Are New To Focus Five You Also Receive

    ****7 Weeks Free Membership to Perception U
    (If you are not already a Perception U member)

    ****4 CD’s

    1.The 7 Day Shift To Wealth
    2.The “Love Is” Telegathering
    3.How Everyone Can Get What They Want
    4.Disguising Ourselves As Human

    ****PLUS :Two Of Beca Lewis’ Books
    1.Living In Grace: The Shift to Spiritual Perception
    2. A Woman’s ABC’s of Life

    What Can You Expect?

    You can expect clarity and joy to surface in every area of your life, and a return and strengthening of the awareness of who you are in Truth.

    What Others Have Said:

    My tears have been forgotten and my heart is singing. These programs are so much more than I could have thought possible, now I feel anything is possible. Much Love, Ellie

    Oh yea – this blips us into an entirely new universe – history free, knowing the truth about ourselves!! That’s entirely new for me!!! Love, Donna

    I love this group!………………….Magda

    This has been the best, calmest and happiest I have been since I was a kid. Love, Kathy