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Learn About Yourself And Love What You Learn

With Kathy Piper

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How well do you know yourself?

? Do you think that life would be easier if you understood how you learn, what motivates you, and why some things are easy for you and some things are hard for you?

? Would it help to learn tricks to motivate yourself,do things you don’t want to do, and make what is hard for you easier?

? Have you ever felt like re-inventing yourself?

? Do you sometimes feel like a fish out of water in social situations?

? Are you considering career changes?

? Do you have a High School Junior or Senior in the midst of a college search?

? Do you have “difficult people” in your life that you like to have a better relationship with?

? Do you find it difficult to get things done or stay on task?

Whether you are in the process of learning about yourself because life has decided it is time for you to learn something new, or you are choosing to find out more because you know the value of understanding yourself, this is where you find the answers.

Do You Want To Know How To

  • Know who you are without your “story?”
  • To tap into the Source?
  • To experience the joy of change?
  • To love what you do?
  • To understand your learning process?
  • To know what makes you “tick?”

Discover Yourself!

After filling out your Personal Success Profile assessment you will spend an hour with Kathy on the phone unlocking information that will radically shift how powerful you feel in your life. Isn’t it time to open up your world?

What’s The Process?

Sign up for your consultation

Kathy will contact you within 24 hours.

Kathy will send you the link to take your personal profile

Together you will set a consultation time.

The call will be recorded and a link to download the call sent to you.

Expect results!

Here’s What You Get

A comprehensive, individualized summary of your personal learning style and preferences.

A focused, one on one, coaching call to get an in depth review of your own personal “learning style” and how it can best interact with other learning styles (The call will be recorded for you to keep.)

Life changing tools and strategies to help you learn how to leverage your strengths and make weak areas work for you not against you

A clear picture of who you really are making life easy and rewarding.

Who is Kathy Piper?

Kathy Piper is a Master Learning-Success™ Coach, certified by the Learning-Success™ Institute.

She has been helping students and adults use their individual learning styles to find success in their pursuits for fifteen years.

Kathy has tremendous enthusiasm for people—for who they are and for what they are able to be and do.

She has an amazing gift for inspiring people to believe in themselves by helping them discover their own gifts.

Her passion is to help children and adults discover and celebrate their uniqueness and to feel confident about their gifts and abilities. She recognizes the star in everyone and loves to see them shine.

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What Others Say

I did a consultation with Kathy, and learned many useful things I never realized before. I’ve done personality tests, profiles, career preference questionnaires and career counseling throughout my life. Kathy’s easy style and absolute knowledge of her craft helped me discover a whole new dimension of understanding about what works for me, and what doesn’t, and WHY.

No matter what kind of self-exploration you’ve done before, I’ll guarantee Kathy will give you ton of new information about yourself to help you live your life more fully, and the best part is, you’ll have a blast doing it! Jet T. CT

It was really non threatening. Just fun and informative, Michal M – Maine

I encouraged my son, a High School Senior, to complete the Learning Style Profile and have a session with Kathy so that he could get a clearer understanding of his core strengths and development areas as he moved through the college search/selection process.

He loved working with Kathy. He immediately connected with her easy going style and sense of humor. Even though she was imparting loads of information throughout the session, it was fun, informative and eye opening all at the same time for him.

After the session he was more confident that the path he was choosing to pursue in college was the right one for him. He also became aware of those areas (i.e. planning and executing on tasks) that he needs to pay extra special attention to so that he will continue to be successful and experience less stress! Linda M., Connecticut

Kathy has helped both my son and I in numerous ways to make his home-schooling career a wonderful experience. She has helped launch my son’s happiness and sense of self-confidence to a level that he needs to be able to succeed at his education.

She has helped redirect my son’s and my awareness and understanding to recognize areas of strengths that we had been taught in public school experiences to believe were weaknesses. And, she has helped us harness and cater to my son’s strengths that we knew he had.

We are forever grateful to Kathy Piper. Brenda C. California

Kathy conducts the whole process with a playful mindset, and the whole experience is relaxed and not at all intimidating. I highly recommend allowing her to act as a mirror and reflect yourself back at you, because that is so valuable. Gail H. CT

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