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Updates for: 4-04-09

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Yes, I am a tad late in sending you this what’s new on campus at Perception U weekly alert. This was quite a technology week for me. Not only did the website get hacked, but I had to clean out and fix my computer so it would let me get online.

All of these events this week reminded me very much of what we do in The Shift®, uncover what is running, hidden, behind the scenes and dissolve it!

However, all is well and I do have something new for you to listen to this weekend.

>>>This week I added three more of our A Grace Notes for you to listen to and to read. Home, Peace, and Life now join Joy, Love, and Freedom.

Grace Notes are a wonderful way to counteract all the negative information that is constantly being broadcast to us. Grace notes are meant to be affirmation and meditation assistants, and you can play them in the background as you work, or listen to them directly.

>>>I also added one of Del’s Awareness of Signs and Symbols reports on Crows as part of his Tracking The Symbols Of Spirit Series. You can find it from the Active Awareness Arts Link.

>>>Don’t forget, next week is the beginning of The Reality Shift Talks called The Twelve, an exciting series exploring a variety of signs and symbols gathered from Native American, Eastern Philosophy, Quantum Physics, Nature Awareness and Revelations, and interpreting them correctly from the standpoint of the Principle of One, and never from the mistaken premise of duality.

If you are new to Per U, and want to find out what has been added weekly in the past, just check the link appropriately called:”Find Out What’s New At Per U.”

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Susan May 20, 2009, 1:55 pm

We need all the assistance we can get to counteract the negative messages we “assumed” as children and in our culture today. Thank you for your resources! I too believe we can learn to change our mind and change our lives!