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A Letter From God …

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In nature here in Ohio this is the season of babies in the woods. It’s a delight to watch them frolic and play. Our resident hawk couple has a big baby that was crying for his mother the other day as he perched on a limb.

It didn’t take her long to call back to him. I am not sure what she said but he was immediately quiet.

This week I uploaded A Letter From God for you. So if you ever feel like that baby hawk this just might be the ticket. It is available and free to everyone through the “Free Stuff For Everyone” link.

The Reality Shift talk called The Twelve: June will be ready for Perception U members to listen to on Thursday, June 18th. 

Have you taken the time to listen to this series? It definitely will give you a new framework of perception and I am positive that in this talk you will learn things you never knew before about June and the number 6!

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