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Happy Father’s Day

– Posted in: The Shift Ezine

This is our family’s first Father’s Day without our dad.

I remember last year thinking that I never knew what to get him for Father’s Day, as he no longer really needed anything. Yet, somehow I knew, that it would be his last Father’s Day, so our family gave him the best gift we could think of, a backyard barbeque.

He had been unable to easily get around the last few years, and although our widely separated family often enjoyed their own backyard barbeques, it had been years since he had been to one with all of us.

So we all gathered together, coming from all parts of the US. A few weeks later, he moved on, but not before knowing that we had all come together for him.

The current Shift Ezine is dedicated to him and to each of your Dads, either biological or chosen. When read the Ezine, why not take a moment and honor them by commenting at the end of the article for all of us to read …

Happy Father’s day to all of you, as we are all …planters of seeds …

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