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How Connection & Willing Go Together

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I was listening to the replay of Jet’s Shift Study Group as they discussed the two steps of GRACIOUS, “Un-Kink The Hose” and “So Be It.”

The group discussed two very important points that I would like to address.

The first was that sometimes what we are gifted or talented at, is not what we are passionate about.

I have had this experience. I was never a protege at anything, but I was gifted enough at a few things that I had art, piano, and harp teachers, all say that this was the field I should go into, and they would help me. I wasn’t interested enough.

Later, after satisfying my passion about dance and needing to make a living for my family, I entered the unlikely, for me, field of financial planning. It turned out I was talented at this too. I made lots of money for my clients, and prevented them from losing it at the same time. I was always one of the “top producers” in the firm. However, it wasn’t my passion, and I wasn’t interested enough.

Now that I am doing my passion I can see how all those talents and gifts, and times I spent with them, helped me understand both myself and others so that I am better at what I love to do, and can’t stop myself from doing (although I have tried a few times) then I would have been if I hadn’t done them.

But, staying in them, would have eventually kinked my personal life hose.

The other point made was on the same theme.

I love to watch “So You Think You Can Dance,’ not just for the glorious skill and beauty of the dancers, but for that moment when the dancers let go of personal ego and connect both with themselves and then of course with the audience.

These are the dancers that “win.” Not because they are the most talented and gifted, but first because they are the most interested and passionate, but that still isn’t enough.

It is their willingness to connect.

And it is this willingness that I find more and more is the key to un-kinking the hose.

Becoming willing to be the Unique Spiritual Blessing that we are. Willing to be the action of God. Willing to give up preconceived human ego based notions of what life is supposed to look like. Willing to connect with ourselves, willing to connect with others. Willing to stop hiding.

I find that I can tell when I am not willing when I have that moment of ” Oh geez, you mean I have to do that!!!”

Yes, I do.

Yes we do, if we are serious about understanding who we are and our relationship to God, and experiencing the abundance that is Life Itself.

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michal July 6, 2010, 11:52 am

willing…just agin took my mike hernacki book out. must be willing to let the real sense of who i am in all facets of life be fully lived.

Gail Harrison July 6, 2010, 2:48 pm

And being willing to do anything and everything. eventually leads us to where our passion truly lies. How else can we connect unless we do some things that are definitely NOT ours to do? Initially I think it is easier to identify with what we don’t want to do than with what we do want. We have been trained this way, trained to do everything and to never say “no”. Eventually after repeating enough “yes, of course I will” to requests out of our souls jurisdiction we run out of steam, the cosmic baseball bat hits us over the head and we realise we can choose to say “NO”.

Because of this I believe that these times of utter discomfort are the times that reveal a deeper sense of who we Truly are.

Jamie Lewis July 7, 2010, 12:43 am

If I am not willing to do something, it either turns out that it was something that I wasn’t “supposed” to do anyway. Or I simply am not listening and hearing that voice of truth and understanding what it is telling me. When we can listen to that still small voice and really understand what we are hearing, being willing will be a natural state of being.