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The Shift Ezine: Acting On Expectations

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For months the sliding screen door has been hard to close, and the curtains hard to move on the rod. Finally, I got out the WD-40 and within minutes everything was moving smoothly and easily again.

Got me to thinking how much time I wasted struggling with the door and the curtains when I could have taken care of it immediately and saved myself the struggle.

Five minutes of “work” time, or struggle every day for a few months.

Too often in every area of our life, we choose the struggle.

I have never thought of The Shift Study Group as oiling a life before, but that is exactly what it does.

Give it a try on yours .. Starts August 2nd so go now to find out more, it’s much easier and way more fun than struggling.

This week’s Ezine is about the three spiritual laws .. remember them? If they were in a can like WD-40 the directions would say, “Apply Liberally”.

Read Acting On Expectations ..

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