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The Shift Ezine: False Evidence Appearing Real

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Summer, it’s a perfect time to do “new” things. In our case, those new things always seem to revolve around new ideas to bring The Shift® to you.

First Videos: we have two new videos for you!

Did you ever wonder what The Shift® is? Here’s a video from me giving you the answer.

What about the kind of coaching you could do with me? I call it something different then coaching .. here is a short video with that “new” term.

This week’s featured product goes along with this Ezine. It’s The 28-Day Shift To Wealth & Prosperity Home Study Course. This is one of everyone’s favorite courses, and it is very affordable to boot and comes in three versions, you pick!

Now to the Ezine – False Evidence Appearing Real – we all know what that is, but then what does it have to do with a green tomato? Read to find out!!

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