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God’s Economy Is Always Thriving

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Last week as I was jogging and walking along I started thinking about the economy. How can you help it? The news is full of it.

It made me mad. Not mad at someone for doing something wrong, or for the apparent result, but mad that we actually have fallen into this ridiculous idea that there is such a thing as lack. Mad, because I do it too, mad because it has spread into almost every thread of our lives.

Mad, because we know better. Either there is a God, divine Love, that is constantly giving and providing and expanding with overflowing ideas (that translate to our daily human needs) or there isn’t.

Since we know that of course there is an omnipresent God that is good Itself, what are we doing hanging out in this worldview lie and then transferring it to others and our experiences every chance we get.

The Truth is, God’s economy is always thriving. That’s what popped into my head as I walked and wrote itself when I got home.

Here it is, The Shift Ezine God’s Economy Is Always Thriving.

With Love,

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