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Penny Portals Into Heaven

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Have you ever dreamed of stepping through a portal and finding yourself in a place that feels like heaven?

It’s not impossible, it can happen to you today!

In the television series, Stargate, portals are few and far between, and open into unfamiliar territory and often-hostile environments.

In the world we live in, we also have portals. However, our portals are infinite in number, and are always present. Although our portals also open into often-unfamiliar territory, the environment is never hostile but is welcoming and beautiful.

In fact, with the right perception, they open into heaven on earth.

What do these portals look like? This is the cool part. They look like a pencil, a flower, a rabbit, an apple.

Everything we see and experience is a portal, because everything we see and experience is the presence of the Divine. What we perceive of as objects – people, places, and things – are actually symbols representing the true spiritual nature of all things.

Because we think symbols are limited and material, our habit is to see their inversion. Instead, we can see each symbol as it is, a portal straight into heaven.

How does this work?

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