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Peas Are Us

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We picked peas from the garden this week, and I marveled that just a few months ago we had planted one seed at a time down two rows.

Now we have an abundance of pea pods hanging on the vines containing what would be hundreds of new pea seeds if we didn’t eat them first.

Just one pea seed contained everything needed to produce stems, leaves, blossoms and more peas; all of that in just one little seed.

One winged maple seed grows into a tree taller than our homes; all that tree in just one little seed.

It’s divine intelligence at work, bringing forth in practical ways, the abundance of Its nature.

Every seed in nature grows to fulfill itself, and to serve a wider purpose. It is part of a grand design.

An idea is just like a seed, and just like a seed, it contains all that it needs to fulfill itself.

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