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Have you ever said, “If only they would have listened to me, they wouldn’t be having this problem”?

This statement and statements like it, are circling the planet, holding it in the grip of fear and division.

Factions of all kinds are insisting that they are the only ones who are correct and are choosing as their primary goal – not the welfare of all – but the destruction of another’s way of doing things.

Joining in the fray, and thinking or saying, “If they would only listen, we wouldn’t be having this problem”, is never going to solve the problem.

In fact – isn’t it obvious that is making it worse?

What can you and I do about this? We can begin correctly; not with the problem or with “them” but with us, and what we think, do, and say.

Whether it is the appearance of a huge world problem, or a tiny personal one, it is all the same. It’s about our own perception and how we practice, apply, and live that perception.

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