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Can You Taste Life’s Difference

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Our anticipation builds as we park the car and walk into our communities’ beautiful Farmer’s Market. Although small, it is filled with local sellers of everything from Alpaca fur (plus we get to pet the Alpacas) to bead-work.

There is always a musician or two playing in the pavilion providing the atmosphere that is both exciting and peaceful.

Of course, the market includes locally grown produce, fresh honey, and maple syrup, but all of this takes a back seat to what we head for first – the Kettle Corn booth.

The couple that provides the Kettle Corn occasionally take their business to other markets or fairs. When we notice their absence, we share a moment of disappointment, and a vibrant wish that they will be there the next week.

All this excitement or disappointment for Kettle Corn? Yes, but not just because it is a delicious treat, and freshly made – in fact, the best we have ever had – but because it is a husband and wife team that hands over good feelings along with each bag they sell.

Once that transfer happens, something changes in our day; everything becomes just a little bit brighter, and sweeter.

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