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Back From The Future Into The Now

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It happened again last week. I got up one morning and my computer had reset its time clock to 2099.

Everything on my computer was blinking in alarm because all my software programs, and protective services, were completely out of date. To the computer the last time they had been updated was 2011 – 88 years earlier!

However, obviously there wasn’t anything really wrong. It wasn’t 2099. The alarms occurred based on a false reading. No matter what the computer said, or thought was true, it was still 2011. Since this had happened before I knew what to do, I simply reset the clock back to now.

So often, our personal lives are set in future-time. Instead of being present now, our thoughts are in tomorrow, or a year from now, or when the house is bought or sold, the kids grow up, our parents pass away, when the job is gone; the list is endless isn’t it?

With our lives set in future-time, alarms go off, or in our case, fear goes off, entangling our thinking in its web, and bringing future fears into the present and making them appear real.

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