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The Presence Of Angels

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The dramatic event was over in 20 minutes, but the before, during, and after was filled with Angels, in all the forms they come in.

It was a warmish day so after working for hours on the computer I took a garden clean-up break. There was a bucket of ashes from our wood stove sitting in the driveway and since it had been there a day, plus it had been cooling in the stove the day before, I picked it up to dump into the burn pile.

I heard, “But, it still may be hot so wait another day or put water on it.”

Angel Idea.

I listened, put the bucket down, and went about the rest of the gardening. As I was walking back into the house, I saw the bucket, but was so focused on starting dinner; I forgot the original Angel Idea message, and this time dumped the ashes into one of the compost containers beside the house.

Heading inside I heard, “They may still be hot, so dump some water into the bin.”

Angel Idea.

I heard it, and immediately forgot it because I was thinking about something else.

Four hours later, I heard, “Shut down the computer early and go read.” Angel Idea. I listened and headed into the bedroom.

Within in seconds there was a huge whoosh! The window outside the bedroom lit up with a bright orange and red light. Opening the door, I saw the compost bin on fire with flames pouring from it higher than the house.

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