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It’s Inside Knowledge

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We are all taught how to look at something and then mimic what we see.

This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, after all, it is how we learn to read and write, walk, or bake a cake.

However, the day must come when we change our viewpoint and ask, “What is the intent behind this, and how does it fit with mine,” because then and only then, do we have ultimate control over our situation, no matter what it is.

I used to teach dance, and although I don’t do that anymore, I do take classes where people are doing a form of dance.

However, sometimes in class the dance teacher part of me goes crazy because I can see that most of the class does not understand the foundation and intent of the movement, which means they aren’t doing it correctly.

They are simply looking at what they think it looks like, and trying their best to mimic it.

This can, and often does, lead to injuries, and hinders them from fully experiencing the harmony and joy of the dance.

Here’s an example of what I mean.

We do a movement in class where the arms are outstretched and reaching from side to side. At least, on the surface that is what it looks like is happening. Because we are trained to look at something and reproduce what we see, that is exactly what everyone is doing.

However, the foundation, intent, and impetus of the movement is really the ribs moving side to side, and that action moves the arms.

You may be thinking, so what? It’s just a class where everyone is having fun – and you are right of course.

Yet, this same lack of understanding of foundation and intent is a big deal in life.

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