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Walk This Way

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Coincidentally, I just finished reading two books, on entirely different subjects, that presented alternative scenarios of life on earth than the one in which we appear to be living.

(By the way, they were both much better versions of earthly life today.)

In their own way both books were saying, “Walk this way, and experience more of how life is supposed to be.”

Think of all the prophets and leaders who have said the same thing.

Moses, Mohamed, and Gandhi said, “Walk this way to freedom.” Mother Theresa said, “Walk this way to love and kindness.” Martin Luther King said, “Walk this way to understanding and compassion. Christ Jesus said, “Walk this way to eternal Life.”

The path each of these people have urged us to walk is not a material path locked into time and space, but an interior spiritual path that is always beckoning us and which leads to a release of limitations.

Every person, well known or not, who is walking those interior spiritual paths of freedom, love, kindness, compassion, understanding, and Life stand before us leading the way and calling us forward.

Each of one of us who has stepped onto that path and is doing our best to follow the light, makes it easier for the next person to walk the spiritual path and stay on it.

How do we know what path we are on in the daily details of our lives?

It’s not as hard to tell the difference between the two as it is to choose to take the spiritual path, because the material path aggressively calls to us.

Besides being more aggressive, it is also the one we have been trained to walk. It uses both the carrot and the stick to encourage us to walk its way, and we habitually follow, even though we already know that it offers only fear, greed, irritation, and separation.

Many years ago, I had one of those “moments” that you remember forever, but can’t really explain well to others. I was stepping out of a building and looking one way and then another to figure out which way I was going to go.

In that split second, I clearly saw what a different world everyone would be experiencing if we had been trained to walk Spirit’s path. If we had been trained to look for what appears to be impossible and expect it. If we had been trained to look at a tree, a house, a person and see the essence of it so that the apparent materialness of it no longer was a barrier in any way.

Instead, we are trained to accept the material as solid and conventional and what appears as miraculous as an apparition instead of the actual Principle of Life in action.


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