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Give Up Being All Things To All People

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Although I often remind myself to not multi-task, the truth is, I often unwittingly practice it.

The other day I found a food grater I had misplaced a month before. I found it in the basket that holds my running gear. I probably had both things in my hand at one time while putting them away, and simply put them away together.

As I prepared to write this, I also started a pan of hard-boiled eggs. After hearing them boiling (I forgot that I had started them and wondered what that noise was) I turned them off and started a 10 minute timer on my tablet for the cool down period.

I got interested in changing the timer sounds on my tablet, so when the alarm went off I had forgotten why I had set it. Luckily, I was thirsty and went to the kitchen for water, so I noticed the eggs not long after the allotted time for taking them out of the hot water.

These are the kinds of things most of us do, and most of the time they don’t have that big of an impact (although I am still practicing not doing it).

However, multi-tasking our life, trying to be all things to all people, has a huge impact on the quality of life that we live, and the legacy we leave behind.

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