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Practicing Perfection

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As the world watched the Olympic athletes strive for perfect scores, we celebrated the presentation of perfection.

The dictionary defines perfection as “the state or quality of being perfect.” It arises from Middle English (in the sense ‘completeness’): via Old French from Latin perfectio (n-), from perficere ‘to complete’.

The definition of perfect is “having all the required or desirable elements, qualities, or characteristics; as good as it is possible to be: absolute; complete.”

In order to express perfection don’t the athletes have to first see it, and imagine achieving it, knowing that it is possible?

As each athlete demonstrates a higher version of perfection it paves the way for the next one to realize an even higher vision of what it looks like, and then train and practice so that their body matches their new mental awareness of perfection.

As spiritual students, we train the exact same way. As the expression of the One Intelligence, we begin in perfection.

We begin with the awareness that the One Divine Intelligence cannot be expressed by anything other than perfection, that we are already absolute and complete. We can’t begin with an imperfect picture any more than an athlete can begin with an imperfect picture, and hope to end up in perfection.

Holding to the idea of perfection, it is easy to see what isn’t perfect.

For a world-class athlete that “thing” that doesn’t match perfection could be a slightly turned in toe, or a breath taken in the wrong place.

For us, it may reveal itself to us as habits that do not spring from, or serve, our true nature as spiritual beings.

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