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What Side Are We On?

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Are you often astonished how many loving, and thoughtful, spiritual students, take strident sides on issues in social media?

Not the honorable discussion where the best ideas are appreciated and supported; but the taking of sides where we essentially say, “You are wrong, I am right, and my side must win, and your side must lose.”

It happens in all phases of life, and has for thousands of years. We claim that god takes sides for sports teams, within companies, within homes, within political systems. Today we have bombs and terrorists, in the past we had crusades, and death camps.

Haven’t we, as serious metaphysicians, learned to not do that; to not claim to be right within the human realm?

There is only one side to be on; only one side to take, and that is the side of unconditional, underived Love.

We all know that we can’t fix a problem within the same thought process that created the problem. As spiritual students, as metaphysicians, haven’t we learned to take that even one-step further?

Don’t we all know that we must start with the perfect Principle of Love governing the universe, and not from a belief of human right and wrong?

When we do take human sides, without first starting with this Principle of Love, we throw ourselves out of Eden, and into the chaos of good and evil.

However, we are critical thinkers. We question what appears as reality. We question if what others tell us is true. We question the voices that bring disharmony.

The lie of evil is one lie. It is the lie that there are two powers, good and evil. Both cannot be in the same place at the same time.

Which side are we on, duality or Oneness?

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