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Delete Bad Memories Like Apps

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delete bad memoriesSetting up our new smart phones took most of the afternoon.

We hadn’t planned to spend so much time with them, but the apps were so much fun, and Del kept finding new ones to load and try out.

Each little app has a picture icon, and when the icon is touched, a whole idea pops ups; all self-contained and full of information. What that information is, depends on the app.

I have one for identifying trees by their leaves, and one for identifying birds. I have one for coupons, and one for getting from one place to another.

There is a popular saying, “There’s an app for that,” which means that you can find any app you can imagine, to help, educate, or entertain you.

Stick with me here while I review what happens in apps. It will be worth it, you’ll see.

We tried many apps, and in the process, I downloaded an app that I didn’t like. I wanted it to go away since it was taking up valuable “real estate” on my phone. Turns out, it was simple to delete.

All I had to do was press it longer than normal. This made all the apps wiggle which gave me the ability to delete the one I didn’t want.

By the end of the day, pictures of apps were swimming around in my head, and that’s when the really cool thing happened.

Actually, it was the next morning.

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