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Beep For What You Need

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With my right hand, I was typing away – really one finger pecking away, answering emails – while with my left hand I was pressing a button on my iPhone.

I was watering the flowers in my growing flowers app on my iPhone. Just seconds before I had been “beeped” alerting me to the need.

Without thinking, I did it; awkwardly of course, but I immediately pushed and held that button and rained love on pretend flowers that needed me, until their entire need was met.

As I did one thing with one hand, and took care of the flowers with the other, it reminded me of another time.

I was in ballet class, holding onto the barre with one hand, and holding a baby bottle in the other.

Attached to that bottle was my son standing in his playpen. I was in ballet class; he needed feeding, no reason I couldn’t do both! Happily, I had a teacher who let me bring him, and take care of him when needed. I remember her getting a kick out of how steady I had to be to keep that bottle right where it needed to be.

He (beeped) called, and I answered by immediately providing love, in a tangible way, until his entire need was met.

One day I didn’t feel well. As I lay in bed, I began thinking about the flower app, and the bottle incident.

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