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Unassign Yourself, And Be Free

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[tfg_social_share]truth-will-make-you-freeI had to call customer service anyway, so when I got a pleasant service person, I asked the question that had been bugging me for many moons.

I had noticed that there were folders in my web hosting account that I no longer needed. In fact, in some cases, I didn’t even own those website names anymore.

Periodically I would delete those folders, you know – letting go! However, the next day – dang it – there they were again.

His explanation was simple, and so stunningly symbolic, that I haven’t stopped thinking about it (and it worked by the way.)

He told me that I could let go and delete all I wanted, but the system automatically restored the folder every night, unless…and this is the good part…I unassigned it from the account first.

It’s like all problems. We delete them one day, wake up the next, and there they are again. The system has restored them once again. In order to let go permanently, unassigning beliefs from our lives must happen first.

It’s just like weeds in the garden. We can pull them up every day, but they will restore themselves once again if the entire root has not been eliminated. The weed has to be completely unassigned from the ground.

Remember the story of taming an elephant?

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