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What Difference Will It Make Anyway?

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I was feeling very uninspired and depressed, and gazing out my window, I asked myself, “What difference will it make.” What I was really asking was, “Why bother, no one cares, and it won’t make any difference if I do it or not anyway.” I was only 16. That is the first time I remember asking that question, but I have asked it many more times since then.

The interesting thing about this question is that it carries with it the idea that no matter what we do, it won’t matter. It implies that no one cares, nothing will change, and who we are doesn’t count, and isn’t valuable.

It is not really a question, but a hurdle, specifically designed to shut down creativity, and value. This should make us wonder, “Who really is asking this question anyway?”

As I watch nature, I know that question is not part of Life. The tree doesn’t ask if growing will make a difference, the butterfly doesn’t ask if it should start flying, the fish doesn’t ask why attempt to swim up dangerous waters, the flower doesn’t ask why bother blooming.

Only we ask that question. Doesn’t this prove that it is not a question designed to help, but rather to harm?

It is a question designed to shut down our expression. I don’t know why, and if I spend time wondering why there is a “something” that doesn’t want any of us to express our unique self, than I am giving it power it doesn’t deserve.

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