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Evidence of Things Not Seen

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silverqueencornseedHave you ever wondered if you are fulfilling your desire to live your life spiritually? After all, life drifts by. We have events to go to, bills to pay, people to visit, reports to write, dinner to cook, movies to see, and people to care for.

Have you ever wondered why we don’t experience those mystical and profound moments mentioned in the Bible. Moments like being guided by fire and clouds, or burning bushes that don’t burn.

Working on the hypothesis that we do experience these same kinds of moments, but we don’t recognize them for what they are, I replayed my past week to see if I could find any. I was delighted to see that they were everywhere, in small bits and pieces perhaps, but definitely there.

I am betting that everyone has them, so I’ll share a few of mine to start the idea’s flowing.

One day I didn’t feel well. I recognized it as the belief of an illness that everyone was talking about that could last a long time. Part of me wanted it to be okay because I was tired, and I figured it might be a good excuse for a rest. Although I squashed that temptation quickly, I still didn’t feel well.

I started thinking about the fact that God, Good, divine Mind, the infinite One – whatever name It goes by – is said to be omnipresent. Trying to understand the idea of omnipresent, I pictured little bubbles of good, all packed tightly together with no space in between.

The picture worked for me, because the more I thought about it, the more obvious it became that nothing can squeeze between those bubbles of good to make me feel sick since there was no space in omnipresent good for anything other than good to exist. Later that day I realized the whole idea, and experience, of that sickness was gone.

Later in the week, in Tai Chi class, I noticed that one of my fingers had swollen because it appeared to have a splinter in it. Since I couldn’t leave the class to go find tweezers, I decided to imagine the splinter working its way back out of my finger. Once again, no room for anything but good in omnipresent Good. I did that for a few moments, and then went back to concentrating on class. Later that day I remembered the swelling and splinter – but both were gone.

We planted corn seeds in our garden this week. Every tiny seed will produce stalks that grow over my head, each with multiple ears of corn, neatly lined with hundreds of seeds.

Aren’t these events as effective as a non-burning bush to provide the evidence of things not seen, evidence of being guided and provided for by omnipresent Good?

Yes, in the Bible, there are stories of people experiencing fire and clouds that guided them, and voices that spoke to them. They found water in rocks, and food on the ground every morning. It sounds so “miraculous.” Sometimes we may think these things don’t happen anymore, or at least, not to us.

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