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And It Will Be Beautiful

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itwillbebeautifulI couldn’t find it. I knew it was there. However, after looking, and looking, and not seeing the can I was looking for, I began to question my memory; maybe I never did buy more.

Then I remembered to stop doubting, look again, and see differently.

As soon as I switched to that mode of thinking, the can came into view. I was looking for a smaller can, the way it used to look, and not what it looks like now.

This was such a clear example of the result of shifting perceptions that I laughed aloud.

We all need reminding how shifting works. Here’s what happened. I shifted my point-of-view perception from one of doubt about my memory; to one that knew I had purchased a new can, and I shifted my state-of-mind perception from worry to relaxation.

The outcome was immediate, which is exactly how the outcome of shifting always is – even if we aren’t able to perceive it because we hold on to our belief system, instead of letting it go.

This is how the universe works. We can’t see what we aren’t looking for, and we can’t see what is available now when our beliefs get in the way. We look for how we think it is, how it used to be, how we want it to be, and we are blind to what is already present.

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