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Who Is A Chosen One?

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Romper-RoomIf you are of a certain age, you remember Romper Room.

During the show the host would take out her magic mirror, look through it as if she could see us in our living rooms, and say, “I see Tommy, and Paul, and Joe, and Mary. I see you!” Even if she didn’t say our name, we still felt special, and chosen for the day.

Later, Michal Jackson reminded us to look to the man in the mirror if we want the world to change; and make the change within ourselves first.

Today, there are people who proclaim themselves chosen ones, but they are not looking at the man in the mirror, and making a change within, instead, they want the world to change for them.

These people spend their lives designing ways to get the rest of us to agree with them, and think the way they do. They are often people in power, or the ones who aspire to be in power. Their agenda is to get, and keep, power at all costs.

They proclaim themselves more important than the rest of us because they have more money, or think they are smarter, or run the business we work for, or they believe they hear the word of God clearer than we do.

They have chosen themselves to be the chosen ones. They want us to believe that they have the intelligence and wisdom to know more than we do, that we must go through them in order to find forgiveness, happiness, or even to make a decent living.

They lead revolts. They stop progress. They change the facts to suit their agenda. They have the money, but don’t see the need to share it. They are men. They are women. They are famous, or they are unknown except within our own circles.

They control, and they subdue anything that does not support what they want, and how they want it. When they are outwardly mean, we call them bullies and tyrants.

These self-proclaimed chosen ones are word manipulators, often charming, and on the surface, they appear to be on our side. However, it is fear and self-preservation that is guiding them, and that is not what guides a chosen one.

Instead of following them, we acknowledge their innate spiritual nature and hope that someday they will awaken from the fear that has misled them.

Each of you, who has not lost touch with the ability to listen to, and act only from your highest understanding of what is good for each person on the planet, is a true chosen one.

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