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Don’t Wait, Do It Now

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It happened in the fourth quarter of Super Bowl XLV. For all of us watching the game at home, the microphones picked up what was intended to be a private moment between a coach and a player.

With only moments left in the game, and their team trailing behind, the coach said to the player, “Now is the time. Now is the time for you to go out and make it happen. Don’t wait, do it now.”

As the player turned to go back to the game, we could see he had taken the words of his coach into his being, and had made the decision to do what his coach asked him to do.

His next play was the game’s turning point.

Inside each of us, there is a “coach.” It is the still small voice within, saying, “Now is the time, don’t wait, do it now.”

What does that mean? Now is the time for what? The football player knew exactly what it meant. He was in the middle of a football game, he knew it was about the ball, he knew where that ball was supposed to go, and he knew his role in making that happen.

For us, things are usually not that clear. We often aren’t sure what, or where, our personal “ball” is; we are clueless about where it is supposed to go once we find it, and even if we know all that, there is confusion about what our role is towards “making it happen.“

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