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In your life, how do you find the spiritual inspiration, encouragement and support you seek?

Especially at 2:30 in the morning, or in times of emotional or physical crisis?

We all crave spiritual inspiration and yearn for comfort.

Do you ever feel as if you are an alien and no one thinks the way that you do? Find others that have felt the same way right there.

Confused about the practicality of spirituality, or wondering why bad things happen to good people?

Find the answers that not only satisfy but clarify, without putting you in a dogma box, but instead will release you to freedom.

Why join a membership site when so much information is free?

It’s lovely to have free information, and it is even more wonderful to have a community that speaks the same language as you do, and will support and encourage you while “serving up” information you can not find anywhere else.

What is the basic premise of The Shift and the information found In Perception U

The Shift® begins with the correct perception, a spiritual perception. Spiritual Perception is the point of view that you are a Spirit Being, not material or human.

Spiritual Perception begins with the premise that everything is perfect now, whether we are experiencing it or not. Spiritual Perception knows that God is the Only Power, and that Power is good, intelligent, loving, supreme and infinite.

The only way to make a permanent change in your life is to make a conscious choice to shift to a different perspective.

Given that eventually we will all have to choose a Spiritual Perception, why not start now?”

A safe place to be.

This is the place to be yourself. You can be part of this community and feel comfortable whether you are a visible participant of a silent one.

No matter how you like your information, the format is here.

Audio, video, pdf … it is all here. And more arriving every month.

This community is designed to meet your needs

Let me know what you wish was available at Perception U. Or, perhaps you would like information presented a different way. Let us know! We are always listening, and will honor every suggestion.

Pay less for classes

As a member of Perception U all classes are discounted for you. Many of them are even free to you!

Some of things you will find in Perception U are:

* Meditation and Affirmation Audios
* Article Collection: A collection of writings from Christian Science to Native American
* Personal Contact With Beca: Yes, I am available for the Perception U community
* Blooming Your Life: A self-study online course

Need answers, want to discuss ideas?

Anytime day or night you can post in the Perception U Forum. Ask questions, get clarity, meet friends .. the forum is your gathering place.

Not only will I answer your questions, but the members of the community will be there too ..

As a member of Perception U you have free access to almost everything on this site.

Almost .. because there are a few pages that are only visible to those who are taking a specific class, or belong to The Women’s Council.

Less then a dollar a day ..

Yes, only $ 20 dollars per month. Once you join, and remain a member, this will always be your cost. It will never go up.

Your $20.00 will feed you every day with ideas, support, encouragement, inspiration and most of all Truth. This is the well that never runs dry, and expands to feed not just you, but everyone whose life you touch.

Choose either a monthly or yearly subscription.

Perception U Monthly
Perception U Monthly
Ongoing Monthly Membership To Perception U
Price: $20.00


Perception U Yearly
Perception U Yearly
Yearly Membership To Perception U
Price: $220.00


It’s always easier to travel together, then feel as if you are alone. Join us, we are here for you.


Have questions? Write me at beca (dot) lewis (at) gmail (dot) com