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Join Del and me as we discuss a variety of topics designed to produce a radical shift in perception.

Everyone agrees “it’s all perception,” let’s live as if that was true.

Perception is not magic; it’s real! The Reality Shift Talks are not about making more money, but you will, nor having better relationships, and you will, nor feeling healthier, even though it will happen. They are about a simpler, easier, more satisfying and fulfilling life for you each moment of every day.

We begin and end with the point of view that “what you perceive to be reality magnifies.” Therefore we choose the premise and Reality that there is only One Intelligent Mind and its principle is Love. We begin with perfection. This not a religion, it is a fact.

In these talks we ask you to join us in a conversation.  It may appear that the conversation is between Del and Beca, but not really.  To us you are in the room with us. You are joining us in exploring and revealing Truth while also uncovering and dissolving that which hides it from us.

These talks stem from our deep desire for clarity about Reality. Not the small r reality but the big R Reality.  We are always asking ourselves and the listener “what reality are you living in and how do you know?”

Perhaps that sounds like a crazy question. After all, how many realities are there anyway?  Does it make a difference which one or ones you live in?  Are realities perception or fact? If you decide you like one better than another can you switch?  Would it make a difference?

Of course you know the answer. Yes!  Since “what we perceive to be reality magnifies” knowing which reality or choosing the big R Reality is the only thing that matters.

In these talks you will find gems of Truth that will feed you for days, years, a lifetime.  They are not get-rich quick calls, or find-love-now calls.

Our intent in these Reality Shifts is to deepen the understanding of big “R” Reality thereby increasing awareness of the misperception of small “r” reality which is turn dissolves it revealing what has always been present: The Divine Infinite, perfect harmony, Intelligent Love often called God.

The purpose of The Reality Shift Talks are to provide more detailed information about a specific subject, to shake up what we perceive as reality, to free us from the worldview programming, to shift perception through awareness to big r Reality where we will see that we all are Freedom Itself.

The Reality Shift Talks are always based on the fact that you are wealthy and loved now, and are structured to provide ways and information that enable you to actually see this Truth and then consistently live that fact.

No matter how much Truth we know, we must continually be students of it.  We all must continually hone our skills, continually expand our awareness, and continually expect to live out of the practicality of Principle.

All the reality shifts have become podcasts. You will find them HERE