What a perfect example of what LOVE looks like. Present, paying attention, compassionate, always available. Does love look like this your life? Do you express this kind of Love? We can always get better at it as we expand our awareness of what the quality of love looks, and acts, like.

April Balance – an oldie but goodie!


The balls were rolling all over the room as we all attempted to lie, bounce, stretch, dribble, and run with them.

It was something different to do on a Saturday morning, and it required lots of balance.

Not big movement balance, instead the little muscles in every part of our bodies had to be found and balanced in order to stay on and hold on to our Pilates balls.

Our instructor said, “Don’t be fooled by how easy these exercise seem, you will notice the difference tomorrow.” Having done that before, I knew it was true.

What appear to be small little shifts of movement make for big changes.

It’s true in lots of ways isn’t it?

A few more hours of daylight, a few degrees in weather changes, and a few more buds on the trees make a huge difference in our experience of each day.

Often we think that in order to make a difference we need to do big things.


Start YOUR Truth 4 Today – Put Every Day Into Perspective


Take a moment to read, it might just change the way you see your life.

When you hit a foggy patch Shift Ezine
As we drove to work one morning, we were celebrating the fact that it was a beautiful sunny spring day. Suddenly it wasn't. Within seconds, we were surrounded by fog. We could see less than twenty feet in front of us. Cars slowed down, car lights flicked on, and everyone became alert and careful as they continued to drive. Within minutes, we had driven out of the fog, and once again it was a beautiful sunny spring day. Isn't life like this? We are happily living a fulfilling and abundant life and then without warning our wealth, our health, our love, or our happiness seems to disappear. What is the difference between hitting the fog on the road and hitting the fog in our lives? Nothing except our point of view and state of mind — and that is everything. Here's what we don't think when we hit fog in the road. “Yikes, everything in the world is gone. What must I do to bring it back?” It never occurs to us to think this way. We know for certain that the world as we know it has been only momentarily hidden. This point of view results in a state of mind of caution, [...]
Mon, Mar 16, 2015
Source: The Shift Ezine