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August_Beca_Del_rockIt’s time for August to spill its secrets.In this podcast, we will learn about the power and necessity of silence, and how to attain it. We will discuss Quantum Physics, Stalking Wolf, Tom Brown, Revelations, the color blue, womanhood, the shining mind, and the clothes in your closet.
Learn about:

  • What happened with the bat in our house
  • Why August is the month of Teacher – Server
  • The color blue
  • How nature is the doorway to Spirit
  • The number 8
  • Intuition
  • Wide angle (360 degree) Vision
  • Being invisible
  • Find the Snipe
  • Being the pause in the center of the circle.


Things To Think About
Take a moment to read, it might just change the way you see your life.
We have a cardinal that loves to circle the neighborhood singing his beautiful song. His is the loudest song of all the birds and the first bird of the morning. We can hear him as he starts in the back yard and circles around to the side, out front, the side, and back again. To us he is staking out his territory saying, “This is all mine.” His song worked. He attracted a mate. Just outside my office window, she built a nest in a tree, laid eggs, and sat on her nest waiting for the babies to hatch. A short time later one baby hatched and we watched the feeding process. Mom and Dad took turns going off for food. They constantly called to each other, tweeting in the natural way. One day, I glanced out the window and saw Junior standing on the ledge of the nest. Both parents came quickly, but stayed away and simply watched. As he stretched his wings and flapped, I worried that he would topple over. His parents were calm and watchful. Within the next hour he had hopped out onto the limb and his dad was ready to show him how to fly. Dad took a [...]
Sun, Aug 16, 2015
Source: The Shift Ezine

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