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Beca’s Suggested Documentary/Movie For The Month
IRIS You can watch this on Netflix or iTunes. This is a wonderful story about creativity, joy, agelessness, and style. I smiled the whole way through with happiness as I watched Iris live her life as a creative adventure. To be just a tiny bit more like her would be fantastic! Watch it, you’ll see!

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What I Am Loving This Month
In the interest of dissolving the illusion of time, being creative, and doing what we love, I purchased this class. I am really loving it! Even if you aren’t into yoga and dance you will be inspired by what she does which you can see on Instagram.

The Shift Ezine

Considering all the bad news reported every day we could begin to believe that there is so much evil going on we will never be able to stop it. Not true. That’s the first thing to know. It’s not true. It’s […]
Mon, Feb 01, 2016
The Shift Ezine

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