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November – Walk In Truth

November_Beca_DelThis episode on the month of November is packed with inspiring ideas and interesting information.

You will learn what the wolf howling at the moon means, hear how Penn and Taylor explain magic, how you can hide in plain sight, and what why November is about attracting and releasing.

Plus the number 11, the rhythm of November and how we access it, a story about the value of paying attention by reviewing our actions, releasing ourselves from the prison of human beliefs, and the tree as the symbol of man.

There is so much more, like why is it the month to focus on Walk In Truth, but one of my favorite pieces of information is how five hundred million empire state buildings relate to the human body!


Things To Think About
Take a moment to read, it might just change the way you see your life.
HAVE YOU EVER WORRIED about something? I'm kidding, I know we have all worried. The question is, does it do any good to worry? And if not, how do we stop doing it? In the movie The Bridge of Spies, during very tense moments, the American lawyer, played by Tom Hanks, asks the alleged spy he was defending if he was worried. It was a perfectly reasonable question since the outcome to his situation appeared so dismal. His answer was always, “Will it help?” In spite of the situation he trusted. To not worry we have to trust that there is going to be an outcome that will work in our favor, and for the benefit of all involved. Recently I found myself worrying. We have been looking at houses to buy, and found one that might work. So I started planning what we would need to do in order for the process to flow smoothly. But, there is only so much that I can do. Most of it is out of my control. I can't design how it is going to happen, or even know if it is going to happen. In the midst of this big moment of worry I heard this idea, “You are not [...]
Mon, Nov 23, 2015
Source: The Shift Ezine

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