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This is a story about crows and choice. Our crows. That's the key to the story, we had to accept that they were our crows. We feed birds, lots of birds, and that included allowing the crows to eat the suet I hang out for what I considered prettier birds. For a few years we had a nice couple who came to our feeder. I thought it was lovely that they lived in our meadow. I enjoyed them. It was kinda cute. I liked to pretend that they were my friends and they liked me. But, one year I got ticked off at them. It seemed as if they had brought their friends and they were noisy, big, and took huge bites. It seemed wrong somehow when my daintier birds, IE smaller birds, didn't eat quite so much and were not so noisy. It was too much, so I started chasing them away when they showed up to eat. Nothing happened that year. The next year I continued to shoo the crows away from the feeder. As usual, we planted our garden. I used a seed pod to start the corn in a miniature greenhouse. Once they were seedlings we planted them. [...]
Mon, Jul 20, 2015
Source: The Shift Ezine