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Spiritual Support, Encouragement, Inspiration For Daily Life

At Perception U, you will find Tools To Transform Thinking and multiple ways to translate Universal Spiritual Principles into understandable, applicable, practical ideas for you.

Why Perception U?

The simple answer is we have so much information to share we wanted a way to get it to as many people as possible in the easiest and simplest way possible.

Our intention is to provide perception shifting information in a multitude of formats so it fits whatever need or desire for learning about The Big R Reality that you have at the moment.

Do I Get Stuff For Free?

YES – and More Yes! That’s the idea .. to give you lots of information without paying an extra dime. There will be audios, videos, PDF’s, classes etc all for free to you as a member.

Different Styles Of Learning

No matter what your style of learning, we have prepared for you. There are audios, pdfs, and video courses, all designed to support shift to Spiritual Perception.

A Personal Snapshot

Me: I say Me cause my little fingers are the ones doing all the entry, and planning, and designing, and writing on the pages of Perception U. Me, Beca Lewis, founder of The Shift Center® and The Shift System®. I am a student of Truth. I am a writer, a guide, a mom, a daughter, a wife, a sister, and I hope a good friend.

I have written books, and essays, email courses, home study courses and much more all based on the idea of Spiritual Perception. Many of them can be found for free here on Perception U. I guide The Women’s Council and our coaching clients and learn more from them everyday about the power of Love.

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You can find me all most every day behind my computer reaching out into the world through the gift of the internet. I am blessed beyond measure. You can find my more formal bio Here

Then of course there is my beloved husband, Del Piper, my partner in all that I do.

I may be writing and designing all the content on our sites, but it is Del behind the scenes designing it all with me. He is the core of the “awareness arts” and “understanding signs and symbols” essence of The Shift®.

He guides The Shift Masters®, and our coaching clients and together we did The Reality Shift and The Twelve Series which are now podcasts at

He has always been a seeker  and student of Truth and stands firm in the Principles of Love. You will often find him behind the computer designing our videos found on this site and on Active Awareness Arts, but more often than not you will find him in nature, which he returns from to share with the rest of us the beauty of what he has discovered.

Everyone who knows him treasures his words of wisdom, and I get to have them every moment of the day .. see…. told you I was blessed! You can see his more formal bio Here

Need help? Have questions?

Email me at beca (dot) lewis (at) gmail (dot) com or call and leave us a message any time of the day or night at (330) 871 7510.

Perception U is a division of The Shift Center which is the overseeing company for The Shift and Perception Publishing.