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October News

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It’s been raining for 40 days and 40 nights.

No, not really, but it is one of those years where it has rained almost every day. Rain has its own beauty. The sky is constantly changing and the different varieties of rain make a tapestry of each day.

It has also allowed a stay of eviction for one of our chipmunks. It’s the chipmunk that periodically decides there might be something good in our kitchen (peanuts), and then comes to visit in the night.

I put the can of peanuts we keep to make our Indian “snack” mix into the refrigerator after discovering that he – why assume it is a he, perhaps it is a she – patiently gnawed a hole into the plastic lid to get to the nuts.

A few days ago Del left some Peanut M&M’s in a bowl on the counter, and in the night he heard our friend Charlie, or Charlene, rolling them around, probably trying to bite through that shell that doesn’t melt in your hands.

Because of the chipmunk’s desire for peanuts from our kitchen, about a month ago we purchased a live trap. We baited it a few times, and in the morning the peanuts where gone so we knew it would work.

The plan was to actually set the trap, and take our friend into a beautiful forest far from our peanuts.

Then we waited for a day we knew that Del would be going to the woods. We had to be sure it wouldn’t be raining, or flooding because of the rain.

However, there hasn’t been a day since then that rain hasn’t been predicted, and of course, we don’t want a trapped chipmunk that wouldn’t be able to travel the next day.

Hence, the stay of eviction that has been provided by the rain, for our beautiful and resourceful chipmunk friend.

The October Reality Shift (Part of The Twelve Series) is all about the number 10, the meaning of the color pink, the turtle, Tai Chi, the rhythm of the month and the season, and so much more.

Listen at least once! Every time you do, you will hear more and more, because it is packed with interesting information. Enjoy!

And give a “hey” to your chipmunk friends from us!

Beca Lewis

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