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April Balance

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The balls were rolling all over the room as we all attempted to lie, bounce, stretch, dribble, and run with them.

It was something different to do on a Saturday morning, and it required lots of balance.

Not big movement balance, instead the little muscles in every part of our bodies had to be found and balanced in order to stay on and hold on to our Pilates balls.

Our instructor said, “Don’t be fooled by how easy these exercise seem, you will notice the difference tomorrow.” Having done that before, I knew it was true.

What appear to be small little shifts of movement make for big changes.

It’s true in lots of ways isn’t it?

A few more hours of daylight, a few degrees in weather changes, and a few more buds on the trees make a huge difference in our experience of each day.

Often we think that in order to make a difference we need to do big things.

All of creation shows us otherwise. Every detail of nature hangs in perfect balance with little shifts of movement and change.

As we shift seasons – and into the Season Of Adoption (Listen To The Reality Shift Below), we can trust that all is in balance.

As the expression of the divine, we are the expression of balance.

We are always in the right place, at the right time, doing the right thing. Not because we are perfectly balanced humans (that is not actually possible), but because we remain perfectly balanced with the whole of the All.

None of us can make the sun come up, the stars come out, or make a daffodil bloom. They do it all as evidence of the force we call God, or divine, or Principle, in perfect balanced action.

Once we recognize that we are balance itself, we can get on with the business of sharing and expressing it rather than trying to make it happen.

This should give us much more time to notice and appreciate the perfect flow and balance of Life, and encourage us to share our increased awareness of balance with small shifts of kindness to each other and ourselves.

Enjoy the shift of weather either as you enter spring or fall, and notice and support the absolute balance of the seasons.

With Love!


Here’s your April Reality Shift to help you get the most out of this month.


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