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Freedom In July

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In the US, we celebrate freedom on July 4th, but that is just a date.

If we are being honest with ourselves, we know that freedom is something that we could be celebrating in every second of the day, because we have unlimited freedom to choose how we will respond to what appears as every situation in life.

We have the choice of acknowledging that blessings flow continuously from the ever-flowing intelligent force of the universe. When we make the choice of gratitude for this freedom, we bring about a greater awareness of freedom for ourselves, and provide a light and a power to all those who struggle against tyranny within and without.

Imagine a world where everyone celebrates freedom, not as a power over another, or winning a war, but because it is known and experienced by all as a quality of God. A quality that we all possess and can experience as we give up trying to win and be Love instead.

Watching nature is always inspiring, and always reminds us our ability to be grateful, and wise in every circumstance.

I returned from a family gathering to watch one of our squirrels attempting the seeming impossible.

We have a truly squirrel proof feeder, and for the four years that we have had it not one squirrel has attempted, more than once, to crack its code.

If anything heavier than a bird lands on it, they will be spun off into the yard. Del and I have enjoyed many a giggle watching a squirrel become, for a moment, a flying squirrel.

This summer we have a squirrel that doesn’t believe in the impossible and has actually cracked the code. After being spun off a few times, and then coming back again to study the possibilities; he appears to have discovered how to balance himself perfectly to retrieve a few seeds at a time.

He is the curious and brave squirrel who looks into my bathroom window (where these pictures were shot from; through the screen, which partially explains the quality), peeks into the kitchen, and jumps up and down on the deck to see into my office door, apparently to check and make sure I am working.

I think this combination of curiosity, courage, patience, persistence, and not believing what the other squirrels have told him about the impossibility, has led him to the freedom to attempt and achieve the desire of extra sunflower seeds.

I have a gift of freedom to offer you.

My latest book is ready as an eBook on Amazon. It will bring you the freedom from the fear of not enough and into the awareness of ever present wealth.

The 28 Day Shift To Wealth: A Daily Prosperity Plan, will change your whole idea and experience of wealth.

In honor of our July 4th expression of freedom it is free from July 2 through July 4th.

Even if you miss the free dates, or don’t want to wait for them, it is well worth the price of $4.99… I promise! You will also find a link within the book for other free goodies. Take advantage of them! Get it here!

Want to read more about it, or get the PDF version of it? More Info

While you are at Amazon, get its companion book The Intent Course: 28 Days To Discovering And Living Your Life’s Intent

Here’s one more idea for you.

Join a group of dedicated spiritual thinkers and adventurers as we study and work The 28 Day Shift To Wealth together! Imagine the outcome of that! We begin on July 10, 2012. Join us now! (And you get the PDF version of the book for free!)

With Love,


In the Seneca tradition, July is the month of love and devotion, and begins the season of clarity. If you would like to know more about this month’s traditions, animals, and other symbols – listen below.

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