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What Is Your Life’s Impetus?

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Truth 4 Today: “Interpreting everything from the standpoint of divine Mind, the spiritual idea is revealed and alone occupies consciousness.”

I heard astronaut Chris Hadfield say that he became a space ambassador when he was 10 years old after watching Neil and Buzz walk on the moon.

Imagine that! By ten years old, Chris had a purpose bigger than personal self-interest. He had a purpose that would bring good to all, now and into the future.

What struck me is that Chris not only had this purpose, but he has served that purpose; not by subjugating himself, but by fully sharing it in his own unique way. His intent as a space ambassador while living on the space station was to share the ride, which he did beautifully and effectively.

His purpose is his life’s impetus.

While following Del in class as he taught a Tai Chi move, I was reminded, once again, how we tend to look at outcomes, and adjust ourselves to fit that outcome, rather than finding the correct impetus and letting that impetus produce the outcome.

In this case, the move Del was doing appeared to be a movement of the arms, which is what most of the class was doing, moving their arms. However, the impetus of the movement was the waist was turning, which resulted in the arms moving; very different look, very different purpose, very different feeling in the outcome.

Because we all have access to news from all around the globe, we can instantaneously witness the awful results of people choosing to go for the outcome, and not living from the impetus of a purpose bigger than self-interest, and one that benefits all life, now and into the future.

The results are so appalling that it is hard to face that they are actually happening. You all know what these are, and don’t need me to bring them to the forefront of our thinking.

However, seeing the result of going for the outcome is a strong reminder to not do so ourselves. Yes, we all succumb to going for the outcome sometimes. This happens when we forget our larger purpose, the one we are an ambassador for, the true impetus of our lives.

In class, in order to do a movement correctly, we watch an instructor who knows the impetus of the movement. As they teach us, the mirror reflects back how well we are following that impetus. We watch, we learn, and we self-correct.

Our lives are those mirrors. The Instructor is the Divine; the impetus begins in All-Good.

We are all ambassadors for something bigger than self-interest. We all have a purpose intended to serve all life, now and into the future.

We all knew the title of our ambassadorship when we were young, just as Chris does. He remembers his. Do you remember yours?

Perhaps you are an ambassador for art, or for music, or for words, or for families, or for animals, or for birds, or for order, or for learning, or for teaching … the list is endless and delightful.

When we remember what we are an ambassador for, then we know where the impetus comes from in everything we do. We can let the outcome alone, knowing it will naturally evolve from taking action from our purpose.

This really does include everything, from washing dishes to designing space ships. In this way, we are serving the Truth, intentionally, and by fully expressing our uniqueness.

The good news is that as we live our purpose, with the impetus of All-Good, and each of us becomes an instructor and a student; we can swing the focus of the world back to the impetus that serves everyone equally now, and into the future.

I started this post with one of my Truth’s 4 Today, so let me end with this one: “Either Good is omnipresent or it isn’t. It Is.”

Photo of Earth by Chris Hadfield – listen to him talk here

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Christina Carson August 4, 2013, 2:39 am

An interesting analogy with the tai chi move in explaining the relationship of intent, design and outcome. And a very relevant message.

Beca Lewis August 4, 2013, 4:48 am

Thank you friend!! Love having you visit and comment!