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New things to listen to and read on Perception U

Here in the Northeast it is going to be a bit colder this weekend, so I thought I would send you out some "inside" things to shift with to keep you warm!

On the front page of Perception U you will find the audio of the radio show I did last week. It’s a nice little overview to The Shift..

If you would like more in-depth information you can also find the audio of an interview with me that covers the 7 Steps To Any Shift. Listen or download for free.

And since it is April, why not take the time to listen to the April Reality Shift, part of Reality Shift Series called The Twelve.  Free streaming audio for Perception U members.

Discover for yourself what the rhythm of April is all about, and let it help guide you to a greater appreciation of yourself and the month.

Not yet a Perception U member, but want to get the information?  You can purchase a CD or download it.

Oh Yes … one more thing.  When is the last time you read "Acres of Diamonds"? Download it now for free on the Free Stuff For Everyone page.

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Comments on this entry are closed. April 9, 2010, 8:33 pm


I just listened to the audio of the radio program you did, AWESOME!

Thanks for these great updates; it gives us all a chance to visit and see the new stuff that appears on Per U almost daily.

For a break between tax returns, I went and visited your “garden” and watched the birds, and now I’ve listened to that wonderful program!

Always something new, always something to inspire!

Thank you!

admin April 10, 2010, 6:23 am

Jet .. thank you so much for this note .. and I am delighted! that you have found ways to use this site during the day.

Thank YOU!