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Is Your Business Open?

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Every warm morning I pull back the curtains, swing open both sides of the French doors, and welcome in the day. In effect, I am saying, “I am open for business.”

The sunflowers and zinnias outside our front window raise their faces to the sun and declare, “I am open for business.” The butterflies, birds and bees happily oblige by visiting them to feed and pollinate, providing a beautiful scene for me to watch.

When my feeders are empty, the birds ask loudly, “Why aren’t you open for business? Your clients are here, and we are hungry.” They are particularly impatient with my tardiness during this season as their youngsters are sitting with them, demanding immediate gratification.

I am a fan of reality shows that revolve around creativity like cooking, designing, or dancing and require the contestants to recognize and accept who they are, and then open themselves up for business.

In a recent show a contestant said, “I want to do what I was put on this earth to do.” He was saying “Yes” to the gift that he has, and his heart-felt desire to share it. He has decided to stop allowing any belief of “no” that keeps him from swinging open his doors, raising his face to the sun, or filling his feeders.

He is open for business.

There is another side to being open for business; it is being open for the wrong kind of business.

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