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There they were, walking together again. They paused in the zinnia flowerbed, and then checked out the bushes. If one dawdled, the other patiently waited. They do this every day.

Sometimes one walks in front of the other, and sometimes they walk together side by side down our garden path. However, there is always an invisible link between them, and they always appear to be enjoying the stroll.

Del and I love watching them as they scratch among the flowers looking for who knows what. And who can resist their delightful cooing!

People? Doves of course!

I wrote about a dove couple many years ago as Del and I prepared to leave my home for travels unknown. It was a sad story at the time, but a lesson I knew I needed to learn. (Read here)

Today after walking, driving, and strolling many paths we now look out a window together, living where neither one of us expected to live, watching the dove couple that have chosen our home as theirs.

Traveling paths isn’t like following a map. With a map, we can see it all. We can see if we take this road, we will get to that road.

Life and life paths don’t work that way. As hard as we might try to see the whole picture, and project where we are going, we can’t and we won’t.

This is different from being lost.

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