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The Ceiling Is Falling????

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The bedroom ceiling was worrying me.

For a few weeks, something about it kept catching my attention, and the feeling was that something wasn’t “right”.

I told Del about my feeling, and he and his son went up into our attic and discovered the problem.

For sure, there was something wrong with the ceiling! In fact, it was a disaster.

The owner before us had taken out a wall, making our bedroom bigger, but had done a worse than poor job of shoring up the ceiling.

Eventually it would have fallen. Now fixed, the disaster is averted.

It was just a feeling, but instead of thinking there was no reason for it, I acted on it. Unlike many times in the past when something didn’t feel right and I would reason my way out of following up on it.

Of course, when we don’t listen and some form of disaster strikes we rationalize again and say that we learned something from the lessons that came our way from not listening.

However, it is so much easier to just listen and respond.

Life doesn’t set us up to suffer or learn from lessons.

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